May Charters

Actress, Voiceover Artist, Director, Flamenco Dancer


If you are a gamer. Find May playing two roles in the Video Game Tom Clancy’s Division 2. As an Endgame Sniper and as Cindy McAllister, drone operator. She is currently stationed at the White House. McAllister alerts the player of surrounding and incoming enemies. There have been visual glitches with her in the game which has become an event for players navigating around her. See the funny moment here:

May Charters Calm app narration

Calm App narration

Go listen to May’s recent narration for the meditation app Calm.

20's-40's.  Warm. Intimate. Intelligent. Clear. Playful, Engaging. Trustworthy. Native British, Canadian & American. Accents: British, American, Canadian, Scottish, Australian, Kiwi, Swedish, Irish, Southern American, German. 

An excellent storyteller. Versatile, creative & efficient, May always brings energy to her work. Fantastic at taking direction, great to work with and can offer differing Accents & Character voices to!. Voice over credits include; Audio Book Narration, Video Games, Commercials, Apps, Trailers, Corporate videos. Experience as an actress in film, TV and stage with access to a full professional studio. 

NEW WORK below.

New British Commercial Reel 

New VIDEO GAME and Commercial Reels

Cartoon character for Video Game

Recent work "On The Road" Narration

Narrative, Children's Book:


My voice can also be found with UNDERTON Music + Sound company in Stockholm. I am searchable with, May C But you can hear them here also.

Underton Archive Commercial: