May Charters

Actress, Voiceover Artist, Director, Flamenco Dancer

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When May was little she wanted to be Wonder Woman, make movies while fighting the good fight, paint the world beautiful, dance her little heart out, fly her invisible plane and ride her motorcycle into the sunset with an easel strapped to the back... So far only one of those things hasn't happened...yet.

As a child, May would fall asleep to a sound that would not only shape her dreams, but her life. The sound was the click and reel of her father working till the wee hours of the morning on a Steinbeck film editing machine that shared her childhood bedroom. Born in Toronto, yet raised on movie sets all over the world by her film making parents (Rodney Charters ASC, CSC and Gillian Charters), May received a unique education from the informal of assisting in the wardrobe and camera departments on sets, to her formal education at Trinity College School, directing at NY Film Academy, acting in London at LAMDA and painting in Paris at Paris American Academy. After LAMDA she trained with various acting teachers in Toronto, NYC and LA with Sears and Switzer, Caryn West, Vincent Chase and Julie Ariola. Throughout the years she also trained as a Figure Skater, Ballet and Flamenco dancer, performing for dance companies with Jorge Navarro, Ritmo Flamenco, Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, Timo Lozano, Trinidad Artiguez, Carla Luna, La Tati, Marc Aurelio and The Canada Ice Dance Theater.

From the first moment of holding a paint brush in her hand she has pursued her love of painting. Her first group show was
as early as 7 years old where she won the jury prize for her rendition of the painting "the Mona Lisa". Soon various shows
followed in Canada and Los Angeles. Most notably a show titled Portraits and Polaroids where she painted the portraits of 14 of her fellow actors. Each actor wrote about the process while it was captured on Polaroid film. She is currently working on upcoming art shows and illustrating for children's books and graphic design. And honing her plein air skills studying under artist Marcia Burtt.

After the film festival success of her two short Dance Films; Death of My Past and The Spanish Dancer that she wrote and directed she then embarked on the journey of her first feature length film, "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" joining forces with Mark Hug and together they wrote, produced, directed and starred in the international award winning feature which after a successful Theatrical release in Canada, was on Hulu's top pick page for an indie film, Netflix for two years and currently can be watched on iTunes.

During those years May began her casting career working for legendary photographer/filmmaker Bruce Weber the last decade where she established herself as a premier New Face and “street scout” discovering those hard to find faces around the world.

Whether as a filmmaker, flamenco dancer, actress, painter, photographer or anything that catches her passion; it seems May will always be creating stories to a dreamy rhythm of her own making.