May Charters

Actress, Voiceover Artist, Director, Flamenco Dancer


May Charters Scouting in Stockholm, Sweden

An award winning film director and actress May began her casting career working freelance for legendary photographer/filmmaker Bruce Weber the last decade where she established herself as a premier New Face and “street scout” discovering those hard to find faces around the world such as Alexander Ludwig, Filip Sjunnessen, Zippora Seven, Beau Garret, Malin Akerman to name a few.

From years of being in front of the camera, casting for photographers, fashion designers, brands and directors she has developed her unique ability to see all types of beauty and magic in the “ordinary”, and armed with a passion to hone her masterful eye she aims to bring diverse and often overlooked talent and beauty to the forefront of each project she works for in advertising, fashion, and film.

Through traditional and non traditional casting means of “street scouting” as well as filming and directing special casting sessions working with Modeling agencies and agents she aims to find exactly what the client seeks for their projects to come to life. Clients include Vanity Fair, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, L'HUOMO Vogue,JC Penny American Living, Hollister, Abercrombie. As well freelance Casting for Quicksilver and Roxy. Below are some images by Bruce with models and scouts that she has cast over the years. Some videos, and behind the scenes. As well as photos taken by May during her casting sessions over the years. Previously May established a casting company partnership with M & M Casting in 2006 before opening her own casting house in 2014 under the banner May Charters Casting. Need casting for a project? Get in touch with her. Contact