May Charters

Actress, Voiceover Artist, Director, Flamenco Dancer

artist statement

Hi There!

Painting makes me feel happy and alive and I know that I am lucky to be able to do it. I am inspired by what I see around me. The shape of a road curving into the distance. The way light hits a hillside. Or a tree at the end of a field. Color is an obsession. How it interects with shape. Patterns in nature, textiles or ceramics. Portraits. Faces. A twinkle in someone's eye, a sad or happy thougt. Capturing a memory in their expression. The shape of their hands.

Neon. Acrylic Paint. Oil paint. Pastel. Wood. Rocks. Trees. Ink. Pencil. Watercolor. Gouache. Clay. Stone. Photography. Cameras. Film. Polaroid. Dance. Dancers. Flamenco. Theater. Movies. Acting. Actors. Music. Musicians. Flowers. Roads. Mountains. Fields. Hillsides. Beach coastlines. Water. Stripes. Shadows. Skulls. Lightning. Stars. Fairies.

All rock my world.

I hope to inspire others to never give up on their creative dreams through persuing my own work against the odds that life can throw your way. So I endeavour to challenge myself, my creative abilities, emotionally and physically taking them to a higher level and hoping to create something beautiful to add to the world. Something that I would hang in my own home, on my own walls.
If you are interested in joining me whether in a collaboration or commission don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thank you for visiting. Come back again sometime to see what is new.
Best, May xo